Happy Earth Day 2010!

Welcome to our Earth Day Project Page 2010. Our projects began when the students were asked, "Why do we celebrate Earth Day?"
The responses were many, but the same theme of making people aware of how we need to take care of our Earth kept shining through.
Students were then prompted to write down some of the problems that are destroying our Earth. Their responses can be seen in the Wordle below.


After the students identified the problems, they were asked to brainstorm some solution as a whole group. Their solutions can be seen in the wordle below.


The next step in our project involved very basic directions:
Standard 4.5.4C Describe how human activities affect the environment
1. Identify a problem
2. Become a problem solver-- construct an action plan to help solve this problem
3. Create a finished product that communicates your solutions to the appropriate audiences
4. Present your final product

From these directions, students collaborated to create a rubric that will evaluate their work:

Now presenting.... the results of this special assignment...


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