To begin our session, I'd like everyone to create a Google Account. Click here to create your account.

Now that we've created accounts, I would like everyone to take a brief survey.

Surveys are just one of the many collaborative features of Google Docs. Let's watch the video below to learn more of what Google Docs is about.

Digital Story Telling...

Take some time to sift through some of the examples on the link above.
There are many different ways to collaborate...let's take a here.

In planning your project, please create a graphic organizer on the paper provided that includes your plans for the following:
  • Idea/ Title
  • Objective or Topic
  • Grade level appropriateness
  • Locations to include (PA, US, perhaps even global)
  • # of participants
  • timelines
  • tools you will use
  • How will you advertise or spread the word to elicit participation?