Click here to play the Water Jeopardy Review Game!!

Do you know H2O?

  • Hydro means water

  • Humans have been using water power for thousands of years!

  • Hydropower generates 19% of the Earth's power today.

Click below to view a real water wheel working!

Click here to learn how the gristmill works inside.

How does water power apply to us today? In our future???

Click here to view the interactive water cycle diagram.

Click here to view the interactive water cycle tutorial.

Click here the take the water cycle quiz!

Click below to view the water cycle rap!

Animal Corner

Human Body Jeopardy Review GameHuman Body*Click here to disect a virtual owl pellet

How well do you know your circuits? Check your knowledge on this site!Blobz

Right now we are studying electricity. Check out these great web sites!Light the Tree!

Simple Circuits

We've completed our water unit; however, it never hurts to keep learning! To access information, games, videos, audio stories, vocabulary, or other related websites click the Foss link below.FOSS WEB

Below is a link that will take you through a tour of three very different ecosystems. If the site asks you for a password use Frank. Happy touring :)

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SCIENCE WEBSITES:Electric Circuits
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