Interactive Whiteboard Session 2011

Many of us have used our interactive whiteboards as an overhead projector and a movie screen and not much more. Why? It takes TIME to gather RESOURCES and KNOWLEDGE. Today it is my goal that each of you gets the TIME you need to build RESOURCES and that my knowledge of technology can aide you in that process.

First, let's talk about the ideas you have about what you can do with a whiteboard in your classroom.


Wordle: What famous document?

Now here comes one of those TIMES that you will be given to "get to know" your particular white board. Every whiteboard comes with software that allows it to do many different things. Since we have so many different kinds, I've printed some resources and listed some resources here below. Please feel free to explore these items and/ or your interactive whiteboard for the next 45 minutes.

Promethian Users
ActivInspireTraining ManualPromethean Planet
NotebookBoard training and Notebook Training
RM EasiTeachTutorials etc.
RM EasiTeach and FloWorks´╗┐EasiTeach TutorialsFloWorks Manual and lesson ideas(Click under the documents tab)

Let's share!1. What is one (or more) new thing(s) you learned aobut your whiteboard?2. What is one idea of how you can use the whiteboardosftware winthin your curriculum?

Onto the other resources. I'd like you to use the links within the Prezi presentation to explore some resources on you own, but along side each other so that we can take advantage of sharing great ideas when we find them. But before we start...where can we put these resources as we collect them?
  • We can bookmark them (But what if we want to access them from home or share them with our students?)
  • We can create a resource Wiki.
A Wiki is simple web tool that when used is similar to any word processing application. We are using one now! It's up to you about the amount of time you want to spend creating your wiki. Some plain and to the point wikis (without all the bells and whistles) are very nice.
The point is, you can organize your resources so that you or your students can access them from anywhere with internet acess. Let's take a quick look...
Wiki 101

Now it's up to you...You can explore the resources and bookmark or I can help you quickly set up a wiki and show you how to add your links to your resources there...

Let's share! 1. Did you find any one resource that you can't wait to use in class?2.Did you find any resources you would like more instruction on or a better explanation on?

Searching....Yes we must do this from time to time to find resources. When searching try typing things like:interactive whiteboard lessons for _or virtual field trips for
or FREE simulations of __etc. This is another area where time comes in... you will have to sift (just a little) through the resources to find something just right for you. You may try to then refine your search phrase based upon your first results. For example,If I search for interactive whiteboard lessons on the 13 colonies and the first few I look at are for high school, but I teach elementary I might type in fourth grade interactive whiteboard lessons for 13 colonies instead.

What now?When you leave here today, you will undoubtedly stumble upon more questions. I will be glad to help when I can, but in the meantime, try joining a community that offers some great resources, questions and answers etc. Here are some examples below:

P.S. You could also "search" for these if you intersted in something specific like elementary interactive whiteboard communities or language arts iwb communities etc.

Project Based Learning