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Reasons to collaborate...
1. Collaboration is an important 21st century skill. People all around the world are connecting to collaborate daily.
2. Exposure--

  • to different regions, states, and countries
  • to diverse cultures
  • to other languages
  • to different methods of collaboration
3. Experience--
  • Many students have obstacles that presently prevent them from experiencing the above listed items otherwise.
  • Providing experiences creates a wealth of background knowledge that can be applied to many different learning situations.
4. Audience--
  • Students are motivated to impress their global audience when they know projects will be posted.
  • Tracking the audience using a cluster map or something similar promotes geography skills.

5. Experts--
  • Students can interact with experts on certain topics to broaden their horizons.

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You may choose to join a project that has already been created, create one of your own, or collaborate with other educators to create a project.
To join a project that has already been created, check out some of the sites below:

If you would like to create a project of your own, or work with others in your area of expertise to plan a project the following sites can help get you going....